Quality Start

What a week for conceited douchebags! Where do I begin? Well, we can start with Urban Meyer. Apparently the minor league football world is abuzz that a football coach left ESPN to coach football. Not that I care. Spencer, Rex and NickP seem to give a shit so good for them.

The big scuttlebutt is that he knew he was going to coach Ohio State but didn’t say he was then denied he was and then actually became the coach. That “broke the trust” between me the viewer and ESPN the news organization.  According to Twitter, I am supposed to be outraged. I will head down to Bristol and Occupy it to represent the unwashed masses.

Speaking of ESPN and breaking trust, Craig James seemed to bring out the funny in people on the Big Lead. Why am supposed to be outraged, or at least mildly upset about Urban Meyer, when Craig James collects a healthy paycheck from ESPN? This is a guy who used his influence to get his son a scholarship to a BCS school and then used the same influence to get the successful coach of that school fired because he wasn’t playing his lazy, charity case son.

My other question on the matter is, why does Craig James have power? Did I miss something? Besides riding Eric Dickerson’s coattails at SMU, did he amass some sort of power base that I missed? Why are stuffy people in suits beholdened to him? It isn’t like he is the John Madden of college football? Either he has the Force and uses it for evil or smart people are very very dumb. Or at the very least insecure and go back to some High School social structure where cool, good looking Craig James owns the halls and they want to hang be his side looking for leftover pussy. Whatever, minor league football is teh ghey.

More fun in conceited douchebaggery, Jim Boeheim’s press conference yesterday should be shown in communications classes worldwide as the “how not to” version of defending yourself and acting contrite. Holy shit. I mean, he has a very valid point. If someone you knew for years is accused of something that was already “proven” to be false, you tend to defend that person. I am not saying he should jump ship on the guy* now but shut the fuck up and stop waving statements at the press. Seriously, fake a little. I don’t need a tear filled apology but he should have said something like:

“I am trying stand beside my friend but I am dealing with all of this in the same real time manner as everyone. Sorry, if my initial defense was too harsh. I have to respect the investigation and will do everything I can to help and support it. I cannot make any more comments on the matter.”

That is it. No smiling and waving statements. And what the fuck Syracuse communications team? You work for one of the top Communication schools in the world. I am assuming you all graduated from it. Why are you letting him go on like that? Holy shit.

Not that I mean to pick on the PR aspect of it all (well I do) but I tend to side with Boeheim a little. Penn State had a total institutional coverup where there were multiple events that the powers that be were aware of. Syracuse had an investigation by the school, police and two news organizations and nothing could be corroborated. I understand Boeheim’s initial emotions, he felt it was old shit being dragged up for money. He still may be right. But at this point, shut the fuck up. Last night was embarrassing.

In one last great moment for conceited douchebags, Bobby Valentine is going to manage the Red Sox. A disclaimer, I fucking love Bobby V. Everything he did after 9/11 for the city of New York was top notch and classy.The man also took the Mets to the World Series with Timo Perez and Benny Agbayani playing prominent rolls. That is also what makes him a conceited douche. He doesn’t feel the need to go after real talent. He would rather look smart by riding a Timo Perez hot streak or feeling he will be the guy to get Mo Vaughn back in shape after watching him hit BP in a cage in Connecticut then pushing real talent to the forefront. No one is better at managing a roster and a bullpen then Bobby V. He is also the first one to tell that he is the best at managing a roster and an bullpen.

Frankly, I think Bobby is perfect for that Red Sox team. They have a bunch of statues that can’t be moved but they also have a few areas (SS, RF, C) that he can do his Bobby V thing and take bows. I also think his sarcastic press conferences will both entertain and infuriate Red Sox fans. He will polarize the fan base. But frankly, those yahoos are polarized about everything.

So in summation, Fuck Boston, Fuck Minor League Football and Fuck ESPN.

Enjoy your day.

*not that this is looking very promising for Bernie Fine but the people involved in this are not exactly trustworthy

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  1. Hef says:

    Why did it have to be Bobby Valentine? I don’t like a single thing about that guy but now I’m going to have to defend him. At least the Yankees have an idiot like Girardi managing. That balances things out a bit.

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