Joe Flacco Goes on Safari

John Harbaugh: All right, Joe.  Big game.  I know it’s been a short week and we’re coming off of a big win, but we really need a good game here to make a statement in the division.

John Harbaugh: God damnit Joe, don’t you start this shit again.  I thought we’ve been through this…you’re supposed to know what the hell is going on by now, and I’ll be fucked if you make me regret trading Troy Smith you asshole.

John Harbaugh: The hell was that Joe?  What the fuck was that?  God damnit, get your head out of your ass Joe…I fucking mean it.

John Harbaugh: Sweet fucking Jesus, I’m at a loss for words here…CAMERON!

Cam Cameron: John, I have no idea what the hell he’s doing out there.  It’s like his brain just shuts down…I can’t explain it.

John Harbaugh: Well what the hell have you been telling him?

Cam Cameron: I’ve been telling you the whole fucking time John, but no.  You thought he’d be a good addition.  I told you time and time again that Jim fucking Zorn would totally fuck this up.  It was smoke and mirrors as it was, and hell, we even got John Clayton to think he’s good, but OH NO!!!  Big Balls Harbaugh had to do it his own way and fuck it all up.

Jim Zorn: You’re on safari, Joe.  You’re stalking the tiger, guns at the ready.  You will kill that tiger.  You will put a bullet in his heart, Joe.  Kill the tiger, Joe.  Aim true, and kill the tiger.

John Harbaugh: Oooohh-leeee shit what the fuck have you done, Zorn?!!?!?!?

John Harbaugh: Fuck.

Derrick Mason: Not this mother fucker again.

Ozzie Newsome: /jumps shark

Anquan Boldin: Kurt?

Putin on the Ritz: Have you seen the well-to-do?

Terrelle Pryor: Oh come on, I’m getting better.

Watching the entire time, Troy Polamalu flies in and intercepts the pass.

Joe Flacco: Heh…hey Troy!  I’m hunting lions!


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7 Responses to Joe Flacco Goes on Safari

  1. The Tuck Pendleton Machine says:

    I was wondering when y’all would get to a Flacco post. Count yourselves as part of the proud few who were not polishing his knob in the offseason.

  2. bbryan says:

    Damn I miss this site

  3. The Tuck Pendleton Machine says:

    The only way this last weekend could have been better was if the Steelers were playing Baltimore and Polamalu pulled that out-of-bounds on-the-bench interception against Flacco.

  4. Eat the Crow says:

    Don’t y’all feel stupid!

  5. stuff says:

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    it then my links will too.

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